Saturday, 9 February 2013

For the love of Nanna

This is my girl . . .
or was about 10 years ago.
She has a beautiful heart and holds her memories close.

She is lucky enough to have a Nanna who loves to knit
and as a small child had an abundance of cardigans and jumpers.
I remember her crying, sobbing when she out grew her favourite blue bunny cardigan
. . . so Nanna made her an identical one in the next size !
 . . . and there was a similar story with her penguin jumper!
 Such a lucky girl.

All these years later it's been decided 
that since she can't bear to part with them,
we will make them into something she can keep for ever.
She's in favour of a blanket, one that can be handed down to her own children.
So that's my challange . ..
She has a couple of requests
Please can I leave them in pieces, so they look like jumpers ?
 . . . as each one has a story
and  Please can I not felt them . .. she loves the textures just the way they are
. . . they remind her of Nanna.
So I've spent a lot of time thinking . . . thinking  . ..  thinking
and I'm still thinking and collecting ideas.
 .. . at this stage a story blanket is my favourite idea  
My concerns so far
 . ..  the finished weight - will it be too heavy ?
. .. what type of backing will be best and how to secure it ?
. .. my knitting is laughable ! - I will need to fill the gaps with crochet
If there's anyone out there who may have attempted this before
I'd love to hear from you . . .
And equally if there's anyone out there who'd like to do the same
and would like a friend for the journey . . . Email Me !
The more the merrier.
This is going to be a long ride, I think !


Stins said...

Now that is a huge challenge! I haven't got the slightest idea how you can make this work, sorry.....
I love the idea though, of making a blanket out of these treasures, as an heirloom. The colours are already great to work with! Well, good luck and keep us posted ;-),
love from Mirjam.

An Aussie Felter said...

Thanks Mirjam ! I've started to unpick the seams . .. then the fun begins!

doodlebugmom said...

Those bunnies are the cutest!

Tammy said...

Hey there Tiffane, I didn't realize you had this second blog. What a great idea to make those lovely jumpers into a blanket. I imagine it will take some thinking to get the logistics sorted out. Good luck! Hope you are having a wonderful week. Tammy