Saturday, 2 March 2013

Belated Valentine

My 'I Love Hearts Swap' gifts sent from Australia to Kuwait
have finally landed at their new home with Tammy !
Here's a peek
an embroidered linen bag
 a red embroidered felt heart
 an alpaca pincushion
an embroidered felt card and a white felted hanging heart.
I'm so glad she likes them !
Drop by and say hello at T's Daily Treasures
. . ..  lucky girl just had a holiday in Sri Lanka for her birthday !

Friday, 1 March 2013

A little off topic . . .

It's raining again today, surprise surprise !
So we went for a walk by the beach for a breath of fresh air and to escape the muddy garden.
 This is my other girl, Willow. Look at her face -  she loves the car.
 Walk . . . Did someone say Walk ?
  We walked and we walked
 and we walked in the rain, a gloomy but beautiful day.
Colours are more rich, textures more vivid
and everyone is wet, sandy, dripping and wearing smiles.
A good day !