Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sending love

I remember a day in my childhood
when I felt lonely and lost
and I burst into tears on my Nanna's stairs.
She sat beside me and we talked for a long time,
ending with one of those 'Nanna Hugs'
that made you feel you could do anything in the world
and even if you couldn't, it didn't matter, because she loved you.
When I left to go home
she slipped a note in my pocket and told me not to loose it.
This is what it said .. .
Every so often
it's pleasant to find
That some little thing
will have brought you to mind
A warm happy glow
comes to brighten that minute
Simply because
of the thought of You in it !
Wow, I did have a place in this world . .. my Nanna's heart.