Thursday, 11 April 2013

The old and the new ...

I made this needle case years and years ago
adding synthetic fabric flower petals
to each nuno felted page. It survives today in spite of being attacked by scissors
in the hands of my young son (along with his doonah, pillowcase and a pair of his shorts)
- I should have known better - instead of blessing the rare silence,
I should have been afraid of it and asked myself what he was up to ...   
I like to make needle cases and pin cushions - perhaps because it's easy to have several
on the go at once and make each one very different, without taking on a huge project.
I am also in the habit of keeping one in my work basket and one with my sewing machine
-  a decision arrived at when I stepped on a needle, piercing deep into my heel
- no more leaving pins in the arm of the chair, my shirt or scattered on the table !
Last night I felted the cover of this one to add to my collection.
I've hit a bump now .. . not sure if I want to crochet around the edge or keep it simple. 


Ellie Foster said...

Dear Aussie Felter
I think your new cover is lovely - and echoes your header beautifully. You could try the edging and see if it works. It is difficult to tell without seeing the edging with it.
Good luck with the tricky decision making!
Best wishes

Ali Hogg said...

these needle cases are a great idea.....I must make a few for gifts....thanks for the inspiration, ali

Claire said...

Love your work, another cute little needle case.
Love the variety of ideas you come up with.....

CLaire :}