Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Free Tutorial - Make an Embroidered 'Grabbit" Bookmark

Here's something you can make anytime of the year.
It's a great gift for someone in hospital,
or an added extra to give with a Book Voucher for Christmas or Birthday.
You can make them in any colour and embroider them anyway you like !

Follow these instructions and make your own !

Download and cut out a template from the bottom of this post.

Cut out two gloves of each colour in woollen felt.

Match the gloves so you have pairs and decide which colour will be on the outside.    
    To avoid confusion later, place a pin on the outside surface of each one.                              

This will be the side you embroider.
Now choose your colours to work with.

Embroider daisies randomly
using Chain Stitch and French Knots on the outside glove pieces.

              Embroider French Knots randomly onto both of the inside pieces.      
Place fronts and backs together, with wrong
sides facing to make pairs.

Begin at the heel of the hand using two strands of embroidery thread
and blanket stitch around the edge, leaving the base open. Repeat for the second glove.

Now place the two hands together,
with insides facing each other and blanket stitch the opening of the inside pieces together
using small stitches placed closely together.

Continue around the edge of the opening of both hands
until you return to where you began. Finish off.

Check now that the clip will fit easily into the hands.

Next, change to three strands of embroidery thread
and using a blunt ended needle (with a thread as long as you can manage)
continue blanket stitching around the wrist of the glove,
working two stitches into each of the loops
of the previous row which are stitched into the felt.

BEWARE not to pull the stitches too tight – you need to
be able to insert the needle easily on the next row.
This first row is the most difficult and most fiddly.
As an alternative method at this time you may choose to crochet with a tiny hook instead.

Continue around and around in the same direction
from the next row with one stitch in each loop
using blanket stitching until you have reached the desired width of your first stripe.
On every other row you can increase the stitches to create a gradual flare on the wrist.

Attempt to finish the row at the side of the glove
so the changeover of the colour is less obvious.
I find the neatest way to finish off the thread is to take the thread
back down through your stitches and secure the end to the inside of the felt glove.

Thread three strands of your next colour, again onto the blunt needle. 
Knot your end and secure it through the inside of the glove.
Insert the needle up to where you left off
and recommence blanket stitching around and around until you reach the desired width.

For your last row, blanket stitch six times into the same stitch,
then stitch three times as normal and repeat until you come to the end.
Finish off the thread as before.
Depending on the width you may need to juggle the numbers a little.
You will have created a scalloped edge.

Insert the hair clip and secure with a stitch to stop it slipping back out. 

And you're finished !
Here is the template - I'm working on a PDF.


Rubie Magpie said...

So Cute!! What a lovely idea!

Elisabeth said...

Such a cute idea! I've put this into favourites and I'll have a go at making one :) Elisabeth x